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Molded foam vs fabricated slab foam.



The chemical formulations used to make Molded foam produce a stronger cell structure and improved physical properties.

Molded foam has a higher density than slab foam, making it more durable over time and more comfortable.

Molded foam allows for complex shapes and curves with thinner profiles.

Molded foam gives a cleaner, sleeker look to the completed upholstered [finished] product. With the ability to mold in inserts, upholstery time is significantly reduced.

Because Molded foam is exactly the same shape every time, the finished product is more consistent. Labor cost is reduced.

We manufacture three types of foam.


We manufacture molded flexible high-resilient (HR) foam, memory or "slow recovery" foam,and packaging foam.  Each type of foam can be manufactured in a wide range of IFD's (from soft to hard).  Specification sheets are available upon request.

Our HR foam is a robust foam with superior characteristics for use in many cushioning applications.  The density is 3.2 +- .2 lb/cu/ft and meets C117, MVSS302, MIL-P-26514, and UL90 specifications.  It holds up well with repeated use and provides a high level of support.

Our memory foam has a soft, pillowy feel.  This is a good choice when pressure points are a concern.  The density is 5.0 +- .3 lb/cu/ft.  It can be used for office chair cushions, pillows, wheelchair cushions, or wherever extended use is an issue.

Our packaging foam is ideally suited for maximum protection of high dollar items.  The density ranges from 3.5 - 4.8 lb/cu/ft.