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Product Development and Mold Design 


The single most important phase for quality urethane foam molding is product development and mold design.

  • A well-designed mold improves the appearance of the finished product. 
  • A well-designed mold improves comfort levels and durability.
  • A well-designed mold reduces reject rates and increases production rates.
  • A well-designed mold reduces upholstery time and labor costs.
Man, Product Development in Yeadon, PA

We have found that there is a synergistic effect when we are able to work closely with our customers' product development team during the crucial early design phase.  To derive the maximum results from the process requires a keen understanding of both the new product as well as polyurethane foam production.  Our team at Bryn Hill Industries brings expertise to this process based upon the knowledge and experience gained from many years in the molded polyurethane foam business.

Once the initial design has been carefully developed, construction of the mold begins using blueprints, computer-aided design (CAD) data transfer, or digital scanning of existing foam parts.  We oversee all aspects of mold construction and provide any necessary prototypes to prepare for full production.


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     We welcome the opportunity to assist in the most

     important phase of your product development.



Often customers come to us with existing molds. We can easily adapt your molds to our production lines! <


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